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Kodama Nezumi (Exploding Ball Mouse) 8"x8" Yokai Print

Kodama Nezumi (Exploding Ball Mouse) 8"x8" Yokai Print

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Kodama Nezumi (こだまねずみ) are tiny creatures which resemble spherical mice who inhabit mountain forests in Japan. When the mountain gods grow angry, kodama nezumi begin to swell, building up internal pressure, and inflate like a balloon. Suddenly, they rupture down the spine and burst. The sound of this explosion is said to be louder than a gunshot. Everything nearby is splattered with their flesh, blood, and innards.

An ethnic group of hunters who live in the mountains of northeastern Japan, the Matagi, believe that kodama nezumi are messenger animals sent by mountain gods. A kodama nezumi explosion is a warning that the gods are angry. When Matagi hunters hear this sound, they immediately stop their hunt and return home. Anyone foolish enough to continue hunting after hearing a kodama nezumi explosion will have a poor catch. Worse, they invite the wrath of the mountain gods. They might get injured or even meet with disaster, such as being buried in an avalanche.

  • Printed on textured 100# matte cover

  • Art by: Kevin Corrales (

  • Size: 8" x 8"

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